Cinema review: Tomorrowland

Mon, May 25, 2015

George Clooney in Tomorrowland.

DISNEY STRUCK gold in 2003 when it turned one of its theme park rides into the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that went on to gross $3.7 billion. Since then it has been looking for a similar live action franchise and not had much luck.

Disney tried it in 2012 with John Carter and it was a huge disaster then again in 2013 with The Lone Ranger and again huge disaster - and this time a pretty racist one. However Disney is allright for cash at the minute so is back again and with director Brad Bird in tow. Bird has a knack for turning seemingly uninteresting projects into classics. Ratatouille and The Incredibles were massive successes for Disney - he also directed 1999’s under appreciated The Iron Giant - and Disney is hoping he will do something similar here.

The script for Tomorrowland is written by the much maligned Damon Lindoff. Lindoff, of Lost fame, has not had as much luck on the big screen as he had on the smaller one (if you didn’t see the series he adapted on Sky Atlantic, The Leftovers, last year check it out, an absolute masterpiece). But maybe here with a more than competent director and a pretty great cast he will have some more success on the big screen.


Psychiatric nurses set to take industrial action next week

Psychiatric nurses at University Hospital Galway will begin industrial action next week in a bid to ensure a safer environment for staff and patients at the hospital's acute psychiatric unit.

What's On

Deacon Blue's Ricky Ross to play Róisín Dubh

IN THE late eighties and early nineties, it was impossible to escape Scotland's Deacon Blue and songs like 'Real Gone Kid', 'Dignity', and 'Fergus Sings the Blues', and later this year, the man who wrote those songs - Ricky Ross - will be in Galway.

Songwriter Ricky Ross.


Home seekers delight at O’Donnellan & Joyce’s June auction

Home seekers throughout Galway are in for a treat with O’Donnellan & Joyce's June auction. The auction on Friday June 12 will see some 60 properties across the west of Ireland going under the hammer during the all-day event in The Harbour Hotel. 

No 14 Dun Daingean.


Time for revenge - Connacht return to Kingsholm with huge prize at stake 

After a season of learning curves, Connacht now face a critical test in Sunday's Champions Cup first leg qualifier with Gloucester in Kingsholm.

Michael Swift salutes the Connacht fans after playing his final game at the Sportsground on Saturday. 
			Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy


More fuel-efficient Skoda models next month

Skoda tells us it will be introducing a new engine line-up just in time for the new 152 registration period.


Sigmar Recruitment offers five tips for writing the perfect cover letter

For many people starting their job search, writing a cover letter can be a daunting task. It is hard to know where to start and how to sum up why you are the ideal candidate for the job in just a few short paragraphs. Follow these five tips to make sure your cover letter makes you stand out from the crowd.


Me2UFitness Official Opening on Friday 8th May

Me2UFitness opened its doors in the middle of January and Christina Dillon has been very busy since welcoming clients old and new.


Vote for the love of your country and its people

Tomorrow when we will all hopefully go to the polls, we do so to take part in the drafting of a powerful statement into how we want this country to be. On both sides, there is a desire for a result that will copperfasten a way of thinking. And there is no doubt that whatever result is announced at the national count centre on Saturday evening, it will send out a powerful message about what this country sees as its direction.

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